May 24, 2017

5 Examples of the best remarketing campaigns

  May 24, 2017    Flopez

5 Examples of the best remarketing campaigns

5 Examples of the best remarketing campaigns
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Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools that an Inbound Marketing agency can take advantage of.

In fact, remarketing banners are 76% more likely to receive a click than regular and non-targeted ads. And the reason is simple – they are personalized, and they go directly to people who have already visited your website.

In this way, a remarketing strategy offers you the unparalleled opportunity to show ads that are highly adapted to a ready audience, feed them back to your website and later along the buyer’s journey or otherwise encourage them to make another one. purchase.

Not consumers find spooky remarketing, though?
This is a recurring concern for many, so it needs to be addressed before continuing.

It’s true that some marketers think that remarketing is “creepy” and that the use of redirecting pixels to “track” site visitors around the web and serve ads is more unpleasant than conversion.

However, the research of the online advertising agency WordStream finds that the opposite is true. In fact, the company has found that conversion rates actually increase, the more web users are exposed to remarketing campaigns.

With all this in mind, let’s now look at five great examples of remarketing banners.

5 Examples of the best remarketing banners

1. WordStream

Do you want to see remarketing in action? As soon as we visited the WordStream website while doing research for this blog, a remarketing ad magically appeared on our Facebook feed.

Wordstream used remarketing to offer us a free AdWords performance rating service

The WordStream remarketing pixel had clearly seen that we were interested in advertising, and so we made sure we received this important message.

Keep in mind that it was not intended for direct selling, but rather offers us something for free (an automated AdWords performance evaluation) and, therefore, encourages the sales funnel. In fact, this is an example of the correct message that is sent to the right people. When on the WordStream website, we were not checking the pricing, or making any outright indication that we were looking to buy, and so this message is thrown just to the right – “Go back and take a little closer than you We could do it for you. ”

A great use of the Facebook stakeout pixel.

2. HubSpot

Here is another great HubSpot ad, which also appears on Facebook.

HubSpot uses remarketing to address possible sales objections

One of the most important things that your incoming marketing agency needs to remember about remarketing is that the public will already be aware of your business and your brand. Therefore, it does not make sense to use remarketing to publish introductory ads, as they have already become familiar with your solution.

Instead, as HubSpot does here, you should take the opportunity to address what could have been a sales objection – in this case it is the value of the HubSpot platform.

Remember that remarketing is directed to website visitors who left the site before making a purchase. And therefore, HubSpot has created this ad to illustrate – with copy and images – that is not only super fast and easy to set up, but the savings made will be huge. A great remarketing ad.

3. Best Buy

Best Buy uses remarketing to remind Web users that they have items in their shopping cart that they have not yet purchased.

A common remarketing tactic is to target customers who abandoned cars during the purchase process.

This is a great use of remarketing for B2C. Although this ad is not particularly personalized, it nonetheless serves its purpose well – to nurture the customers through the final purchase line, and of course reduce the cart abandonment rates.

4. ShopBop

Unlike Best Buy’s cast-the-net-wide approach, ShopBop likes to use remarketing to deliver highly customized banner ads, specifically showing what