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Inbound Marketing: why your agency should offer it

Francisco agencias, Inbound Marketing, Marketing   Sep 24, 2017 
La importancia del Inbound Marketing
Let's face it, every day there are more agencies and freelance consultants offering digital marketing services or online marketing. Entry barriers are very low, anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a web page, can start offering digital marketing services. If we add to this, the continuous effort that we have to do to satisfy our clients in the projects in which we are immersed, the work of the manager of a digital agency is increasingly complicated. Any growth manual that we read, will give us 2 keys to generate a sustainable and scalable growth machinery in service companies:
  • System
  • Specialization
Well, I firmly belie

Inbound Marketing Examples of services for Digital Agencies

Francisco Inbound Marketing   Sep 09, 2017 
Inbound Marketing service examples if we want to organize our digital marketing agency to start offering Inbound Marketing services, we should organize ourselves according to 3 main areas of activity:
  1. Attract: traffic to a website
  2. Convert: web visitors to customers
  3. Analyze: the activities carried out to improve and achieve a repetitive conversion process
Below are the examples of inbound marketing services to offer


  • Keyword research
  • Write posts on the blog
  • optimize SEO onpage and offepage
  • Monitor the different accounts of social networks and establish a system to share the most relevant content
  • Promote blog

5 good practices of Social Selling

Flopez Social Media   Sep 09, 2017 

The success of "Social Selling" is to make new connections and share quality content. Start by identifying your target audience and connecting with your network of influencers. With the content, it seeks to surround its target audience and those who influence them with the content they want to consume.

Social Selling does not need to take many hours a day. You can find time for social media by reducing the activities that do not grow help to help your social network. Recently I was asked by one of our sales leaders to define a "day in the life" of a successful social sales person. Here are my 5 steps to the success of the social sale:
  1. Define a

The 7 steps to develop your first Inbound Marketing campaign

Flopez Inbound Marketing   Sep 09, 2017 
Developing your first inbound marketing campaign can be an exciting time. We are sure you will love the result. In order to get amazing results, however, you need to make sure that you are developing your campaign correctly from the start. Here are 7 tips to successfully start your first Inbound campaign.

The initial configuration

Before you start building your campaign, make sure you have done all the background work and research to set it up effectively:

Create SMART goals

Setting goals is one of the most difficult tasks for salespeople (people in general for that matter). What are the SMART goals you ask for? SMART is an acronym fo

Tips and Tricks of Inbound Marketing 2017

Flopez Inbound Marketing   Jun 18, 2017 
Developing the perfect inbound marketing strategy can be difficult. While most business owners are focusing on increasing their visibility in search engines or writing a lot of blog posts, there are still several other opportunities available. Modern marketing goes far beyond writing interesting content and correctly placing keywords. If you are not sure where to start with your digital marketing campaign, use one of these creative suggestions. The Importance of Influencers While it is still possible to assert itself as an authority in your industry, the influencers have a pre-existing, finely tuned following. Identifying and partnering w

4 ways in which digital agencies can generate more Leads

Flopez CRM, Marketing   Jun 10, 2017 
In today's digital marketing landscape, the biggest challenge many agencies face is generating a strong wave of quality opportunities. According to B2B Marketing Technology Community, almost 50% of B2B B2B lead generation budgets will increase this year, compared to 44% that will remain the same and 7% will be reduced. So, how should distributors allocate their lead generation budgets in the most effective way? Here are 4 ways in which SEO Agencies and digital agencies can better use their budgets to generate more potential customers: Content Marketing According to Demand Metric, content marketing generates 3 times more opportunities than

Analyze your website

Francisco Corporate, Marketing   Jun 04, 2017 
From the Clientify team we want to help you to control the performance of your website or that of your clients and check if you are doing a correct job. For this we have developed a web analyzer that measures the level of optimization of your website, analyzing more than 85 SEO parameters that influence your positioning in Google. After entering your web address, we will send you a PDF report with the following sections:
  • SEO Authority
  • Basic SEO
  • Content
  • Usability
  • Technical aspects
  • Social Networks
You can perform all the complete analyzes you need without any limitations or costs. To start analyzing a web, you can st

7 tips to successfully implement a CRM

Flopez CRM   May 27, 2017 
Whether you have chosen a CRM provider or not, it is a good idea to prepare for the organizational challenges you can meet:
  • What do the resources imply?
  • Do you need to make organizational changes?
  • What are the objectives or benefits that you expect to obtain from the CRM system?
  • Do you want a cloud or server solution?
When a new IT system is implemented, the entire organization needs to be synchronized. It has to be a combination of a set of official guidelines and personal participation. A good project manager is essential and the road to success lies in good internal communication. A CRM system is not just technology; It is a

5 Examples of the best remarketing campaigns

Flopez Marketing   May 24, 2017 
Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools that an Inbound Marketing agency can take advantage of. In fact, remarketing banners are 76% more likely to receive a click than regular and non-targeted ads. And the reason is simple - they are personalized, and they go directly to people who have already visited your website. In this way, a remarketing strategy offers you the unparalleled opportunity to show ads that are highly adapted to a ready audience, feed them back to your website and later along the buyer's journey or otherwise encourage them to make another one. purchase. Not consumers find spooky remarketing, though? This is a recurri

How CRM is revolutionizing traditional sales

Flopez CRM   May 23, 2017 
Technology today is at a point of constant optimization and development; what makes it a tool of indispensable application in every aspect of our lives, of course business is no exception, for this: CRM. The CRM Systems are one of the examples that demonstrate new ways to implement technology in the marketing and sales process, generating a more direct and efficient communication channel between companies and their customers. To understand the impact CRM has on sales, it is crucial to know what it is and how it works. The CRM is basically a platform on which a strategy is implemented in order to track, supervise and organize all the inter