Francisco López


Bachelor in Economics and MBA from IE Business School. His professional career has always been linked to technology and commercial management. He has held various positions of responsibility in several companies of the Telefónica Group and the Chamber of Commerce. Its goal is to help small businesses by developing simple tools.

Jesus Square


Civil Engineer and Diploma in Senior Management from the San Telmo Institute. Entrepreneur in series, being its target sectors: information technologies, renewable energy, meteorology, training and agro-industry. Jesus is the realistic vision and often puts the rest of the team on the ground.

Gabriel Cambil


Linked to digital marketing since the beginning of time. As head of a marketing and advertising agency, he has participated in many digital and communication projects when many of us did not know what words like SEO or SEM meant. He is the optimist of the group and always finds a solution.

Felipe Marín


Electronic Engineer. Used to work on projects of high technical complexity implementing Cisco Systems solutions. He is responsible for the first to the last line of our code. He never says no to our incessant requirements for new features.

Rocky Ibañez

Director of Expansion of LATAM

Systems Engineer, director of 2 Inbound marketing agencies,
collaborator in more than 3 Start Up of fast growth in Latin America and of course, expert in SEO and SEM, in addition to Investor in Internet Companies.