September 24, 2017

Inbound Marketing: why your agency should offer it

  Sep 24, 2017    Francisco

Inbound Marketing: why your agency should offer it

Inbound Marketing: why your agency should offer it
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Let’s face it, every day there are more agencies and freelance consultants offering digital marketing services or online marketing. Entry barriers are very low, anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a web page, can start offering digital marketing services.

If we add to this, the continuous effort that we have to do to satisfy our clients in the projects in which we are immersed, the work of the manager of a digital agency is increasingly complicated.

Any growth manual that we read, will give us 2 keys to generate a sustainable and scalable growth machinery in service companies:

  • System
  • Specialization

Well, I firmly believe that Inbound Marketing can be the key that helps digital marketing agencies to leave a red ocean full of sharks (and other predators) to a blue ocean.

This is due to the fact that offering inbound marketing services today is in itself already specialized and also the inbound marketing methodology is carried out in a systematic way, which is already fulfilling the 2 pillars of growth.

Apart from inbound marketing, it offers agencies a series of secondary benefits:

  • The learning curve is relatively low , apart from the large amount of information that exists in the network, many of the necessary technical skills, your agency already has them (SEO positioning, content creation , web design, …)
  • Thanks to inbound marketing your agency will be oriented to results and to add value to your clients. Your customers can calculate exactly the ROI of the investment they make in inbound marketing
  • The life cycle of your customers will be longer as inbound marketing projects have a minimum estimated duration of 6 months.
  • Improve the financial planning of the agency , since you will stop working on a project and will be directed to work for services on a recurring basis.

But of course not everything is a path of roses, adapting your agency to offer inbound marketing services is not a simple task, requires effort, ability to change mentality, focus and overcome a series of barriers.

If you want to start the transformation, the first problems you will encounter are:

  • You have no experience, nor success stories with which to endorse your work . This barrier has an easy solution; turn your agency into the first success story. In other words, your own agency will be your first client, start developing the methodology of inbound marketing in your own agency, you will be the first success case to show your potential clients.
  • Inbound applications are very expensive : software such as hubspot or marketo are spectacular applications and are an almost essential support to be productive and offer a quality service, but the price that the agency has to Assuming to become a partner is quite high and also not all customers can assume the cost of this type of tools and often represents a barrier. Fortunately, there are other types of tools with similar functionalities but adapted to small and medium-sized companies that help agencies to disembark with their inbound marketing services. If you feel like it you can try clientify .

Remember that it will never be a good time to start, so the sooner you start, the better positioned you will be.

Throughout the following months we will give advice and recommendations for agencies that are interested in making the leap towards inbound marketing, so do not forget to subscribe to our blog