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Sales Funnel Template for Beauty Centers

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Nowadays finding clients for your beauty center is not exactly an easy task. Surely at this moment you are looking for a way to find new customers and you are considering infinite options to be able to get more customers to your beauty center. Clientify has found the solution to all these problems with the creation of sales funnels or sales funnel for beauty centers with which you will get more Leads and more customers quickly and in a much simpler way than the previous ones. It is a form of success with which you put your funnel to work and automatically customers appear.


The Sales Funnels for beauty centers provide you with a whole methodology that you can put to work and she alone is responsible for bringing those customers you are waiting for.


Still don’t know what a sales funnel is and what it can bring to your beauty center?


By definition, sales funnels or conversion funnels are a process that has been designed to convert visitors to a website or blog into end customers. It is therefore an ideal methodology to attract users to the website of your beauty center that are filtered at each stage until they become customers of the services you offer.


At Clientify we know that sales funnels for beauty centers bring the success you need by implementing a good strategy that fits the needs of your center.


The nations of their choice.


This exclusive bonus of aesthetic advice, will serve for a first contact with that target audience and as a hook to attract them towards a possible sale of services.


It is important to offer a product that has a high perceived value, that is, that is valued by users and they are willing to show great interest in it to the point of leaving their data to acquire it. Keep in mind that if a product is not attractive enough for the user, it would not serve to attract him and its usefulness would have to be considered.


To better understand what is the system of this sales funnel for beauty centers, below we detail all the elements that form it:


1. Main landing page.


On the main Landing Page we place special emphasis on the gift voucher of a FREE beauty counseling session and a 20% discount on the beauty treatments of the center in question.


In this Landing Page you must show the value of a service of these characteristics. This is where they leave their data in exchange for the gift. It is also important to ask for the phone number because if the person has not called to make an appointment in a few days, you can always call to specify one and thus avoid escaping the potential client.


landing page embudos venta centros belleza


2. The following is the thank you page.


On this page we must generate a kind of interaction with the client by making available a telephone number so that you can call immediately and book your appointment to perform a beauty treatment or a consultation for some other treatment that may interest you.


The question is to make an appointment with the professional to make contact with the potential client. Also of course, they are shown thanks for having registered.


landing page agradecimiento centros belleza


3. Instant email to fill in the data in which the gift voucher is found.


In this email you will find the free bonus of a beauty advice and a 20% discount on the services offered by the beauty center in question.


email bono regalo


4. A sequence of 4 emails (nurturing) where:


  • The first shows the target customer the problem or needs they have to resort to a service of these characteristics. It is focused on the needs that users have to hire this type of services. A map is also inserted, or an address so you know where the beauty center is located and the phone in case you want to book your appointment there. We also insert a CTA in case you want to book your appointment through the website.


email 1 embudo ventas centro belleza


  • In the second, the client in question is promised that we are a trusted aesthetic center that will guarantee the best professionalism and services they need adapted to their needs. The location of the beauty center and a CTA are inserted for you to make your appointment through there.


email 2 embudo ventas centro belleza


  • In the third, you are shown opinions of customers who have put themselves in the hands of the professionals of that beauty center and have had an excellent experience. It is very important to do this since this strengthens the security of the potential client and trusts a little more of your beauty center. We also insert a CTA for you to book your appointment through there.


email 3 embudo ventas centro belleza


  • In the last email the client is shown the offers of the services of the beauty center emphasizing the professionalism of the team and the wide variety of services offered to solve their problems and make them feel good. A CTA is also inserted for you to book your appointment and thus a contact with the potential client.


email 4 embudo ventas centro belleza




A sales funnel for beauty centers gives you the precise methodology to get the customers you are looking for for your center since through a free bonus to perform a beauty advice and a 20% discount for any of the services offered in the beauty center, you will be attracting the user while you collect their data to be able to start with a process of educating Leads and make them see that your aesthetic center and not another can solve all the problems about the body care of that client.


With this sales funnel for beauty centers you have a great opportunity to apply a really effective methodology through a good strategy that allows you to get customers in an automatic and fast way. With the methodology provided by the sales funnels you will have in your hands the opportunity you were waiting for the one that will allow you to grow without stopping.


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