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How to Create Sales Funnels for Ecommerce steps to follow

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You have an eCommerce learn how to create sales funnels.


When it comes to an eCommerce and how to increase your sales you must implement the creation of sales funnels through marketing and sales platforms. In the next post, we will guide you step by step. To begin with, let’s remember the parts of a funnel:


TOFU: Top of the funnel

MOFU: Middle part of the funnel.

BOFU: lower part of the funnel.


Once we have this clarified, let’s get into the matter:


All levels of the funnel, or what we call the Sales Funnel, have specific actions that feed the relationships between buyer and seller. Ecommerce is the platform to manage the sale of products. We must integrate the sales process through a sales funnel to increase them. The sales funnel is essential to identify where leads are.


Retargeting a specific landing page will allow you to create targeted nutrition and send targeted emails with a greater chance of closing more sales, all through the use of digital marketing software or sales funnels.


3. Phases of the funnel.


Determine actions for each stage, such as ebook, webinar, product testing, call with a consultant, among others, use all-in-one digital marketing tools.


Today there are different ways to promote your ecommerce, including content marketing, create rich material such as an ebook that can talk about the pains or problems that your product solves, blogging strategy, dedicate to writing quality content that specifies the advantages of your products.


Creating a sales funnel for your ecommerce has only one objective, segmenting leads by the products you sell, it is not the same to send specific emails of a product that the lead wants to buy to send all the ones you have in your ecommerce.


Tips to guide leads to buy in your ecommerce:


  • Be clear about who your buyer persona is and start generating quality content focused on your target.
  • Use social media to spread that content.
  • Create irresistible offers that make your prospect fall in love with a landing page.
  • Preparation of an eBook or video explaining how to solve the problem of leads in relation to issues related to the product or service.
  • Place Call To Action in articles.


Automation marketing through marketing and sales platforms is a widely used technique to improve the sales funnel of an eCommerce, automates the entire sales process and achieves better results.


What are the main actions of marketing automation at each stage of the funnel?


  1. Attract visitors to your eCommerce.
  2. Nurture active customers so they can buy other products.
  3. Return to the customer who could not buy at the time.
  4. Trigger the exact email through email marketing strategies.


Now that you know a little more, would you dare to improve the sales funnel of an e-Commerce through the use of marketing and sales software?


Try Clientify and get more sales in your eCommerce.



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