May 23, 2017

How CRM is revolutionizing traditional sales

  May 23, 2017    Flopez

How CRM is revolutionizing traditional sales

How CRM is revolutionizing traditional sales
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Technology today is at a point of constant optimization and development; what makes it a tool of indispensable application in every aspect of our lives, of course business is no exception, for this: CRM.

The CRM Systems are one of the examples that demonstrate new ways to implement technology in the marketing and sales process, generating a more direct and efficient communication channel between companies and their customers.

To understand the impact CRM has on sales, it is crucial to know what it is and how it works. The CRM is basically a platform on which a strategy is implemented in order to track, supervise and organize all the interactions between the companies and their customers. This helps the organization identify the main areas of focus to meet the specific needs of buyers almost exactly.

These systems have been created to automatically gather and analyze customer feedback; an effective CRM will be able to offer all of these with full access to the analysis, the reporting options and also the integration with its current sales team formats and softwares.

A CRM has the following benefits:

Provides everyone with a specific view per client (SCV). This is important because it allows to provide a better service, which leads to better retention and higher conversion rates. The CRM system also helps improve the total value of the customer’s life (CLV).

The CRM system also helps companies to “predict” the negative decisions that certain clients may be making before they actually do so, providing their company with enough time to offer some kind of incentive to persuade them not to do so.

One of the best features of CRM is its low cost. You save a lot of money with this type of tools. Normal survey methods take a lot of time and cost around seven times more than a CRM System.

The usefulness of CRM is truly revolutionary; It is highly recommended to implement this technology in your business strategies to increase your productivity exponentially. All these qualities will allow your company to have loyal customers, much more likely to recommend their services to anyone within their circle and at the end of the cycle, greater productivity and profits.