These Terms of Use are applicable to the services offered to Users through this website. The acquisition of CLIENTIFY User status is conditioned to the completion and registration of the User registration form with the requested data AS COMPULSORY, and the full acceptance of the Present Conditions of Use. Likewise, The acceptance of these General Conditions of Use Use implies the express acceptance of our Legal Notice and of our Privacy Policy .

CLIENTIFY reserves the right to modify or rectify these Conditions of Use in order to adapt them to possible legislative amendments or market practices that may be imposed. When this occurs, we will post the Changes on this page as well as the date on which they would take effect in the final part of the Conditions. In some circumstances, we may send an email to the User to notify the Changes. The non-acceptance of the Changes to the Conditions implies the Termination of the Services of the Application. In case of use of the Application after the Changes implies the acceptance of the same for all purposes.

CLIENTIFY is an application with a double aspect: ( 1 ) CRM : and business and commercial management for individuals and companies, ( 2 ) Social Management : management of the different social profiles of a User within the same interface (FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND LINKEDIN), through which you can have “chat” conversations, integrate profiles, share photos, news and information. The Conditions constitute a legal agreement between the User and CLIENTIFY (hereinafter referred to as “ CLIENTIFY ” or the “ Application “).




Clientify makes available to the User and interested the Privacy Policy applicable to the data provided in any case by contracting and using the Application. For its understanding and acceptance, it is fundamental and we recommend its integral reading.

CLIENTIFY difference between 2 types of User information: ( 1 ) Information related to their profiles in Social Networks (“ Social Area “), and ( 2 ) User’s Private CRM Information (“ Private Area “). It is essential to distinguish between these 2 types of information, the Social Area is the result of indexing the contents, contacts and social profile of each individual User or Company, CLIENTIFY has no control or responsibility of any kind on this information.

Regarding the CRM Private Area entered into the account, the User (individual and Company) exempts CLIENTIFY from any liability for loss of income, any business interruption, loss or corruption of data, whatever its cause; also exempts CLIENTIFY from any damages related to the availability of the Internet connection provided by a third party.

CLIENTIFY is not the owner or responsible for the data hosted by the User in his / her CRM Private Area / Account. Although CLIENTIFY regularly runs backup copies of the data for the purpose of recovery in the case of technical incidents, the client is solely responsible for maintaining and backing up the data hosted in CLIENTIFY Therefore, CLIENTIFY is not responsible for the removal, correction, destruction, damage, loss or failure of storage of any data of the user’s Private Area, nor will it be liable for any claim based on damage caused by loss. of information of any kind.

The Private Area / Account is the CRM information that each User enters and manages for the purpose of monitoring and commercial and corporate control, Companies, opportunities and actions that are functionalities of the Application and represents the purpose and purpose of CLIENTIFY, being the Social Area a complement to the CRM that is offered and that the User is enabled.

What information do we collect from our registered CLIENTIFY users?

  • Name
  • Photography
  • Last name
  • Google Apps social ID
  • Email
  • Facebook social ID
  • Password to access the application
  • Linkedin social ID
  • Company
  • Twitter social id
  • Phone
  • IMAP mail servers


For what purpose does CLIENTIFY store this user data .. ??

Management, administration, obtaining statistics and to be able to contact them for administration and maintenance tasks of your User account. Likewise, Clientify informs you, and by accepting these Terms of Use, the User is informed and authorizes, that for commercial purposes, electronic communications will be sent with information, discounts, news and news about Clientify. At any time, the user may express his refusal to continue receiving the aforementioned commercial communications, for this he will send an email to the address team@clientify.com and in a period of no more than 10 days we will unsubscribe you from our distribution list.

Assignment / Transmission of User Data In none of the cases CLIENTIFY shares, without your prior consent, any third party




In CLIENTIFY we aim to show the functionalities and uses of the application, therefore, we have designed some typologies of use that allow you to experiment and progress in the use of the application, therefore, we put Your disposition several possibilities to start working with Clientify:

  • Free trial: 15 days
  • How much Premium (payment services)


Your first step with Clientify.

Clientify offers its users a free trial (Free Trial) available during 15 calendar days , during this trial period, any data or personalization made through the use of the application, will be permanently lost to no be that, within a maximum period of 15 days (once the trial period ends), the user contracts any of the other types of accounts available.

The objective of this free period is to prove, with certain limitations that will be detailed below, the service and features of the Clientify application. During the trial period, no warranty or liability is offered for the service, and may be interrupted without notice at any time. To access the free trial, you must complete the data form and accept these Terms of Use . In order to maintain a fluid communication and keep you informed of any new or functionality of Clientify, we will proceed to send you emails to the email address provided. You can cancel at any time, following the indications in each email sent, the receipt of these communications.

Number of Users Unlimited
Number of emails 10,000
Number of Contacts Unlimited
Number of Landing Pages 1
Number of Forms 1
Number of Opportunities Unlimited
Logo in Landing / Mail YES
Priority Support NO
Partnership Possibility NO


You are already part of me day by day.

There is the possibility of a paid subscription (Premium Account). Those Users who contract a Premium Account, may enjoy, without limits or restrictions, and with all the features of the Clientify application. The user will be informed before the formalization / contracting of the Premium Account, of the services, costs, contractual obligations, form of payment associated with the subscription, etc. The contractual relationship will be formalized by the User when confirming, by accepting the final subscription fee resulting on the basis of the selected country and mode of payment, the acceptance of the subscription fee will imply the acceptance of the payment obligations associated with the same

Number of Users Unlimited
Number of emails Unlimited
Number of Contacts View Prices
Number of Landing Pages Unlimited
Number of Forms Unlimited
Number of Opportunities Unlimited
Logo in Landing / Mail NO
Priority Support YES
Possibility of Partnership YES


Obtaining the License : The Licenses are granted individually, the administrator / User or person included in the payment of the License is responsible and has control over the same , can manage or cancel independently, even block access to your personal account (in case of multiple users). Only the Administrator may hire new Users or make changes to the service.




Previous considerations:

The resulting price to be paid by each User will depend on the number of contacts in the Database.

Available prices :

Number of Contacts European Union Rest of the World
from 0 to 5000 € 49 $ 49.00
from 5001 to 10000 € 79 $ 69.00
from 10001 to 15000 € 115 $ 89.00
from 15001 to 20000 € 149 $ 119.00
from 20001 to 25000 € 169 $ 139.00
from 25001 to 50000 € 299 $ 249.00
from 50001 to 100000 € 499 $ 399.00


To the previous prices, open that add the VAT depending on the region from where they are contracted.

The installments of your Premium Account will be invoiced for months and no payment / charge or fee will be refunded and no refunds will be made nor will they be granted installments for partially used periods

Form of Payment accepted :

Type of Payment Spain and EU REST OF THE WORLD
Monthly Payment Credit Card Credit Card
Annual Payment Card / Transfer Credit Card

Payment must be made for the total of the chosen period, in a single transaction, in advance, and without any applicable reduction or discount. Clientify has the highest security measures commercially available at this time, so that the payment process works on a secure SSL server. The Server establishes a connection in such a way that the information is transmitted encrypted using algorithms that ensure that it is only intelligible for the User’s computer and the payment site.

Clientify declares that it does not have access to or store sensitive data related to the means of payment used by the User, except in the case of bank transfer, in payments made by credit card, only the entity processing the payment has access to this data in your status as payment managers. Once the license payment has been finalized and confirmed, in its various types, Clientify will issue the corresponding invoice, with the data previously provided by the user, and will be available to the User in his “ Billing Area ” In the case of monthly payments, the invoice will be generated with the same periodicity, each time the payment is confirmed.

In the event that the user chooses payment by transfer , he should contact CLIENTIFY directly through our email: team@clientify.com requesting information regarding this payment system, receiving a response with the specific information, steps, concept to be indicated and necessary data. In the same way as in the previous cases, once the Transfer made by the User is confirmed and effective, the corresponding invoice will be issued.



    1. User zone / country selection.
    2. Select Payment Modality: Monthly / Annual.
    3. Select the plan (depending on the number of contacts in Database)
    4. Based on the selection made above, the user will obtain a resulting quota, applicable currency and applicable taxes (if applicable).
    5. Billing Phase : The User will complete the form corresponding to the invoice data.
    6. Confirmation / validation of data by the user
    7. Acceptance of the Present Conditions of Use.



All licenses of the same account must have the same effective date and a single invoice must be generated at the end of the contracted cycle / license. Therefore, in the event of a change of plan in the middle of a paid billing cycle, the charge made must be prorated for the months remaining until the expiration date of that license. The expiration date of each license, the brand always the first purchase made by the User.




Confidentiality Obligation :

The User’s password is private and confidential, no person should be allowed to access the User’s account as it could endanger the Content and information stored in the CRM Private Area. The User is responsible for keeping the password secret and secure. Otherwise, CLIENTIFY is not responsible for unauthorized access to the account. If you suspect that someone has gained access to your account, please let us know immediately at: team@clientify.com

Each User undertakes to inform CLIENTIFY immediately in the case of changes in the basic information provided at the time of the Registration and to proceed with the pertinent changes in their personal space. CLIENTIFY can not be considered, in any case, responsible for the erroneous or fraudulent information provided by the Users. Likewise, the User undertakes not to provide false information, not to impersonate other persons, to be over 18 years of age, and to comply with what is established here by Clientify.

CLIENTIFY ensures that the Application is always available to Users. However, there may be situations in which access is temporarily interrupted and without prior notice, either for maintenance tasks, incidents in communications networks or for any other reason or cause beyond our reach. The User accepts that there may be periods in which the Application is not operational, without CLIENTIFY assuming responsibility in such situations. CLIENTIFY will not be liable in case of interruption of the service, delay or malfunction and other inconveniences that have their origin in causes beyond the control of CLIENTIFY and may be due to a malicious or guilty action by the User, or have their origin due to force majeure.

As a general rule, the user will not be able to:

  • Make abusive use of sending emails (SPAM)
  • Use the data of a third party or give false information to register, or use the user and password of another person.
  • Use, copy or exploit the application in a manner different from that allowed in these Terms of Use.
  • Assign, transfer, sell, resell or distribute your right of access and use of the application to a third party, or allow access or use of the application to a third party using your username and password.
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate, or try in any way to access the source code of the application
  • Attempt to circumvent any security measure of the application. Any attempt can block your ability to access the application and prevent it from recovering your data.
  • Link CLIENTIFY to any other web page or perform any similar action with another technology, unless authorized in writing by Clientify.


CLIENTIFY is an Application that allows the visualization and integration of the social profiles of the User in Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (Hereinafter, the “Social Networks”) through a common display panel. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are independent platforms, so CLIENTIFY is not responsible for what the User of the Application publishes, says, modifies, interacts with other Users of the Social Networks, which have their own regulatory regime and responsibility. In no case CLIENTIFY will be responsible for the interactions that the User makes through the social control panel of the Application. If you have registered through other websites, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, your Profile will be visible to all CLIENTIFY Users, either through our Application or through those pages, that is, Clientify it does not add functionalities or search criteria that already exist in Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. For this reason, we do not respond to the accuracy of the searches, the data processing that you perform with the results of those searches, or the veracity of the identity of other Users. CLIENTIFY makes available to the User, exclusively an access to the information stored in the referred social networks, does not add guarantees or endorse search results.

As a User of CLIENTIFY, the access, profile, photographs, publications, contacts and other information of the User of the Social Networks, is predetermined by the social profile of their property in each social network, so that their functionality and content will correspond to it. CLIENTIFY IS NOT A SOCIAL NETWORK, and DOES NOT assume any particular responsibility for the publications, of any kind, that the user makes, this being an area of ​​responsibility other than CLIENTIFY.




APPLICATION FOR LOW / TERMINATION : In the case of a Business License (multisession), the Designated Administrator will proceed to the removal / removal of Users within their organization. In the event of a User’s withdrawal from a Company License, the Account Manager must assign the possible data of the Private Area to another User of the Application within their organization.

In the case of Individual Users, from the Application configuration panel, the account can be deactivated, this means that the user can no longer access their Private Area data. In the case of the Company Account, at no time did we delete the User Data from the CRM Private Area since the process would not be reversible. In the event that the User needs to permanently delete their data and not pass it on to other users, they should contact us through team@clientify.com demonstrate your identity as owner and request it expressly.

In case of request for withdrawal / termination, no refund will be generated or there will be no refund in any case, even if the advance payment of an annuity has been made. In the event of the elimination of Users by an Administrator in the middle of the cycle, they will not be billed or charged for the deleted Users, but they will no longer be able to use those Users nor will the period not enjoyed be returned.

Failure by the User (Individual or Administrator) of these Terms of Use, will result in the cancellation of access to the Application and the termination of the License of Use thereof. In case of breaches of these Terms of Use, Clientify reserves the right to prevent access, block accounts or disable users, without right of return or compensation of any kind

For any request, doubt or clarification about the present conditions of use, or about your experience with CLIENTIFY , you can contact us through team@clientify.com

Terms of Use updated as of March 1, 2017.