September 9, 2017

5 good practices of Social Selling

  Sep 09, 2017    Flopez

5 good practices of Social Selling

5 good practices of Social Selling
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The success of “Social Selling” is to make new connections and share quality content. Start by identifying your target audience and connecting with your network of influencers. With the content, it seeks to surround its target audience and those who influence them with the content they want to consume.

Social Selling does not need to take many hours a day. You can find time for social media by reducing the activities that do not grow help to help your social network. Recently I was asked by one of our sales leaders to define a “day in the life” of a successful social sales person. Here are my 5 steps to the success of the social sale:

  1. Define and “touch” key influencers in your space. Set a goal to commit to a certain number of influential people each day. Create a Twitter list of influence, subscribe to your blog or company RSS feeds, comment and share influence blogs. Use social platforms to “talk” to your connections. Ask questions such as “Can you recommend the best websites for useful information? Or what conferences will you attend this year?
  2. Add new connections. Set the goal of adding a specific number of connections each day. On Linkedin, always use personalized email introductions based on something personal. Use Klout to tell you who influences your goal and your influencers
  3. Check your social inbox: mentions of Twitter, Linkedin, RSS feeds.
  4. Add RSS feeds to email content shared for your network. See here for a complete list.
  5. Share at least one story from previous sources with your network on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook.