June 10, 2017

4 ways in which digital agencies can generate more Leads

  Jun 10, 2017    Flopez

4 ways in which digital agencies can generate more Leads

4 ways in which digital agencies can generate more Leads
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In today’s digital marketing landscape, the biggest challenge many agencies face is generating a strong wave of quality opportunities. According to B2B Marketing Technology Community, almost 50% of B2B B2B lead generation budgets will increase this year, compared to 44% that will remain the same and 7% will be reduced. So, how should distributors allocate their lead generation budgets in the most effective way?

Here are 4 ways in which SEO Agencies and digital agencies can better use their budgets to generate more potential customers:

Content Marketing

According to Demand Metric, content marketing generates 3 times more opportunities than traditional outlet marketing, but costs 62% less. However, many SEO and digital marketing agencies are still discovering how their content marketing strategy can extend beyond campaigns and close sales more successfully. To be truly successful in the use of content marketing for lead generation, today’s brands need to act more like publishers than advertisers. A new era of brand narrative is rapidly replacing traditional advertising and sales-led marketing, which poses new challenges and new opportunities for agencies.

The key to successful content marketing (beyond the obvious creation of stellar content) is the creation of content for all stages of the sales funnel. This approach allows your agency to deliver useful information and resources to influence purchasing decisions, whether a customer is simply discovering, beginning to follow and trusting you, or comparing it to competitors in the final stage of their decision to purchase. purchase.

However, your content marketing strategy should also include promotion – your content is only good if your audience sees it! Social media is essential to expand its content, and as well as other tactics such as actually participating in online forums such as inbound.org or Quora. For agencies with higher budgets, consider content promotion platforms like Outbrain to help in syndicating your content.

Free downloadable resources

In addition to blogging, offering your potential customers free downloadable resources as part of your marketing agency’s marketing strategy is a successful tactic for building your credibility and gaining the trust of your buyers – which will ultimately generate customers. potential When potential customers see you as your destination for knowledge and resources, you will build a loyal following and ensure multiple points of contact for lead care. In addition, if you optimize your free downloads for social networks by using tools such as Payment with a Tweet or add action buttons to your thank-you pages or follow-up emails, you can generate a low level of social buzz.

Understanding what your audience needs and wants is the key to download their content and return later to obtain new resources. Be strategic about what you create, make it visual, attractive and useful, and be sure to promote your free download through all online channels.


Talking about Networking seems to be a truism, but it is an essential part of generating rumors about your agency. Pitching your elevator speech to like-minded people at conferences and seminars can be a great way to spread the word about your brand and make connections. Sending your team to these events a few times a year with a business card and a smile can be a great investment, but networking today extends beyond events in person. LinkedIn, the exclusively professional network of the social media world, is an excellent place to market your agency. According to Reachforce, 44% of B2B merchants have generated leads through LinkedIn, while only 39% have generated opportunities through Facebook and only 30% through Twitter.

What is the best way to take advantage of LinkedIn to generate leads? Research the relevant LinkedIn groups and start contributing so that your brand gradually turns to the prospects. Search for leads by industry and job function, send them a connection request and send them by mail with a well-written tone. And, make sure that your company page is well organized and that you are sharing content and knowledge to build your credibility.

Content in exchange for data

Produce and provide solid resources that provide value to your